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        Company Introduction

        Tianwei was founded in 1972. From the beginning, we have specialized in the design and manufacture of heat exchange machines.
        We are the principal manufacturer of Heat Exchange Manufacturing Equipment in Taiwan, and Tianwei is considered one of the International Leaders in this field.
        We manufacture and export over 20 different system models - each produced under strict quality control and to exact tolerances.
        Up to now,we supply Brass tube Machine,Aluminum tube machine , Corrugated Fin Machine,Flat Fin Machine , Assembly Machine , Core builder ,Aluminum corrugated fin machine ,Auto expander machine,Auto Clinch Machine,Manual clinch machine,Brazing Oven ,leaking tester,Core binding machine etc..for Copper and Aluminum radiator and condenser .
        Please use our Online Inquiry Form to contact us with your specific requirements. We will promptly respond after we evalutate your tooling and machine needs.

        TEL:886-6-5920059 FAX:886-6-5976170
        No.24-18 Guan Liao Village Anding District, Tainan City Taiwan R.O.C

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